Latex and Leather Coatings

Latex und lederbeschichtung


The pigments used in our company, above all, carbon black which we also supply as preparation, among others, to an ever greater extent serve to improve the UV stability or the electrical property of our customers' products.


Coating of leather has severely changed during the last few years. Owing to fashion trends, there is an ever-increasing range of colour used for shoes, bags as well as belts. Particularly, in this regards, a good compatibility of the pigment preparations used and the basic material has to be taken into account here, so that there is no negative impact regarding adhesion and the gloss of the varnish.

Our wide range of products supports you to satisfy the huge variety of your customers' requests.

Notice The following shade cards are only approximately representable in EDP medium,
depending on individual technical equipment the shown shade card may differ from reality.

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