WPC (Wood Plastic Composites)

Wpc wood plastic composites

It looks like wood and can be processed like wood, however, offers great advantages compared to this natural material. Whereas in the USA wood plastic composites (WPC) have already been booming since the nineties, these products for home and garden have become popular in Europe only during the past few years. These composite materials consisting of wood fibres and thermoplastic plastics are suitable for many applications.

Different methods of colouring WPC have been established in the market. Apart from colouring by masterbatch - which was a frequently used method in the past – particularly colouring by inorganic colour pigments has prevailed in the market during the last few years. For the colouring of WPC by means of powder pigment mixtures Scholz counts on the proven inorganic pigments Colortherm® und Bayferrox® from Lanxess. These pigments provide best results in simulating the requested wooden or earth colour shades.

Currently the focus lies on powder pigment mixtures, however, other forms of supply have been developed on customer request in the meantime. The most recent product for colouring developed by Scholz is a pigment granulate which combines the advantages of powder with the advantages of masterbatch (low-dust) without containing any plastic components, so it consists of 99% pure pigment. Thus the actual WPC formulation is not affected by other ingredients.
Besides the conventional decking application WPC is also more and more often used for injection moulding. In this field a newly developed pigment preparation from Scholz turned out to provide the best and most consistent colouristic results compared to masterbatch, powder and granules as shown in various tests carried out by our customers and ourselves.

Besides the colouristic effects, the 3 forms of supply currently offered by Scholz for the colouring of WPC also have advantages with regard to UV protection.
Apart from the classic shades which are currently in demand in the WPC sector we can of course develop additional hues upon customer request.
For customers with high demand Scholz together with its partners offers corresponding dosing systems which can ensure clean production.


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