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Company Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH has been founded on April 30, 1902 by Karl Anton Rudolf Scholz namely as a trading company dealing with natural iron oxides and lithopone - an important white pigment at that times - both in import and export.

At the end of the twenties Scholz agreed to a very successful still lasting cooperation with company Bayer AG. Bayer succeeded in producing high-quality synthetic iron oxides by an aniline procedure.

Company Scholz having an excellent reputation in the market of natural iron oxides with best market knowledge was gained as marketing partner. In the years to come the synthetic iron oxides of Bayer - now known as BAYFERROX® - were sold very successfully in the USA and Great Britain.


As company Harold Scholz originated in the mere trading of colour pigments - particularly natural and synthetic iron oxides - thus the company offers today a wide range of special products beyond the pigments, which are manufactured in its own production plants. Already in 1923 the first manufacturing plant has been taken over, today’s Chemische Fabrik Harold Scholz GmbH & Co.KG in Lohr a. Main and in 1979 the chemische Fabrik Mohr our today’s subsidiary in Partenstein. 1982 Farben-Fabrikation Harold Scholz GmbH in Recklinghausen was founded, further companies were established in the eighties and nineties mainly abroad.

The main focus today is a very close to the customer market cultivation, in addition to the field of concrete product manufacturers many customers come from different industries e. g. the paint- and varnish-, the plastic- and the paper-industry. In these fields Scholz offers the entire colour range: pigments in powder form, pigments as stable suspensions or preparations, as C compact pigments or as granules. In addition to this Scholz provides technical and dosing advice as well as supply, installation and maintenance of our own dosing systems.

The Scholz management and all staff will take care to be a competent and reliable partner for the worldwide customers even in future.


Do not hesitate to address us also as co-producer for your products; there are many possibilities to cooperate.

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