Our Company

Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH is a family-run, medium-sized enterprise. The family-like character of managing the company is expressed in a strong "sense of unity" within the company. This sense of unity becomes manifest in the term "Scholzianer" (the people of Scholz) and is the basis for a sound working atmosphere and the low level of fluctuation. A lot of Scholzianers have been working with the company for many, many years; some colleagues even represent the second or third generation of their respective families among the workforce. In relation to all business partners the family-like character is the basis for fair treatment based on mutual partnership. This resulted in long-term partnerships, often lasting for decades, which are the foundation of the business success at Scholz and at the business partners.

Our Customers

The satisfied customer is the focus of all activities in our company. To agree on quality and delivery conditions in close collaboration and to ensure them in the long run has top priority for us. This is an important factor for a long-term cooperation based on partnership. We do not only consider us as reliable supplier of our products to the customer, but also as a competent partner for advice and support in all matters relating to our products and their use in the customer's application. For this purpose, we have competent key account managers and technicians, who are always in close collaboration and contact with our customers.

Our Workforce

Another key aspect of our corporate culture is the respectful and responsible interaction with our staff members. We, as " Scholzianer", treat each other with respect and mutual appreciation. This, however, does not exclude critical dealing with each other, on the contrary, this is essential for questioning our activities permanently and for improving ourselves. The well-being of our staff is closely linked with the success of our company, both go hand in hand. We attach particular importance to occupational health and safety; its everlasting improvement is an essential goal in the assessment and optimization of our internal workflows. The vocational training of our employees, their continuing education and the promotion of further development are the basis for the company's further development. We always take care of the health and well-being of our employees and support them in such a way that the cooperative and good relationship among colleagues need not be limited to the working hours alone, but can also extend to private spheres, being maintained in sports activities, for example. Our company does not provide room for social, ethnic, or religious exclusion!

Our Company Strategy

The company strategy scholz 4.1 evolutionary, innovative growth made by scholz is focusing on the future sustainability of our company. Based on the many successful decades in the past, we want to further develop our company, and with new products and new fields of application we intend to break new ground through innovation management supported by the entire company. New technical developments, changing laws and regulations, finding solutions to existing problems, and ever new requirements on the part of customers and users are the major drivers for new developments. As we don't want to leave success to chance, we build on the existing and constantly developing knowledge of our employees and on our good networks in markets, associations, and committees. The consistent improvement of our business processes is an important cornerstone enabling us to work successfully in the future.

Our Responsibility - QUAER

QUAER stands for the internal management system integrated in our company and is the German abbreviation for: quality, environmental, occupational, energy, safety and risk management. Our company not only is partner in the field of economics, industry, and the market, but also is part of our society and our ecosystem. Consequently, we have to and want to assume responsibility for our actions. It is our objective to comply with existing laws, regulations and legitimate requirements of parties interested. Furthermore, we commit to assume responsibility in industrial, societal, social, and ecological aspects within the scope of our integrated management system. In this regard, the main focus is on the conservation of resources, the reduction of environmental relevant activities, saving of energy, and the recognition and reduction of risk factors. QUAER is based on a process-oriented management approach. Stakeholder analyses and risk and opportunity assessments not only take place on a company level, but the same methodology is used on the process level too. Important parameters are gathered and assessed. In this way, we recognize deviations in the target-actual comparison within a continuous improvement process, and after a root cause analysis, we are in the position to take corrective measures.


The implementation of the certified quality management system is the fundamental precondition for ensuring and complying with the quality agreements made with our customers, and for making our demand on quality transparent. A clear definition and structure of business processes is the prerequisite for an appropriate quality management system. Quality is the basis for success. An improvement of quality (product, service, delivery) is our objective. It is our task to regard quality as a matter of course.


Conserving of resources and minimizing the impact of our activities on the ecosystem are the most important goals of our company which we pursue in respect of our ecological responsibility. We fulfil our responsibility to the environment by the constant evaluation of the use of resources and the waste accumulation, by regularly checking the production processes in respect of their environmental relevance, and by raising the environmental awareness among the employees providing them with information and training.

Occupational Health and Safety:

Health and safety of our employees at the workplace are of outstanding importance. To enable safe working conditions, we check all processes on a regular basis – already starting in the planning phase – regarding risks to health, and we carry out respective risk assessments and optimize the same. We attach great importance to preventive measures and continuous improvement of health and safety at the workplace. Executive personnel acting as role model, accomplishing their executive tasks in a responsible way, involving all employees and have them take part, as well as the employees' action in their own responsibility lead to successful safety at work and the promotion of health.


We permanently pursue opportunities to optimize energy consumption, energy generation, and energy storage by means of reasonable technical developments. Therefore, we regularly determine and check the extent and manner of the use of energy and the energy consumption as well as the energy data and whether these are appropriate. As far as economically justified, we promote energy efficiency by purchasing energy-efficient products and services as well as the responsible way in which the employees deal with energy consumption by the implementation of technical assistance measures.

Risk Management:

A consequent risk management secures the future of our company; well aware of the fact that every change and innovation, even if it is thoroughly planned and calculated, can give rise to a risk. However, we also regard risk management as opportunity management. This risk and opportunity management provides the methodological underpinning of QUAER – our responsibility.