120 Years of Scholz

120 years of scholz that is a whole century of customer orientation and innovation. Right from the beginning scholz has been concentrating on meeting the requirements of even most challenging customers thoroughly by innovative products.

Thus, the history of company scholz is also part of the European history of industry in which colour became more and more important. The development of markets is also decisive for the growth of scholz. Very early scholz recognised that proximity to customers is an important advantage in competition.

With locations all over the world scholz believed in a globalisation of world economy already decades ago.

An important milestone in the history of the company was the strategic alliance with Bayer AG soon after the First World War, at a time when the term 'strategic alliance' even didn't exist at all.

We always look ahead.

Also in future company scholz will consequently continue the strategy of ensured product quality together with direct and personal customer care.

Beside development and research as well as market orientation, everlasting satisfied customers will be the main focus of our business every day.

We will retain the flexible and market orientated leadership of our medium-sized family-run company. This especially was a benefit for our customers in respect to the cooperation with a big corporate group, which we wish to last in future.

In times of more and more anonymous and complex commercial relations, we are proud to run the company even in the 4th generation as a family business. During our more than 110-year history, we have not only experienced an impressive development from a small pigment trader to a global supplier of high-quality pigments and pigment preparations but also survived serious global economic crises. This success was only possible due to the high demands we have placed on the quality of our products, services and workforce.

Now, we operate in Germany from our headquarters in Recklinghausen and our second production site in Partenstein. Our subsidiaries, scholz Benelux BV and scholz Switzerland, guarantee proximity to our customers in Benelux and Switzerland.


1902Karl Anton Rudolf Scholz and the Englishman Harold Wilson found the company Harold Wilson & Scholz. This young company is dealing in Europe with natural iron oxides and the white pigment: Lithopone.
1923In Lohr am Main SCHOLZ takes over its first own production for the manufacture of baryte.
1926SCHOLZ becomes marketing partner of IG Farbenindustrie AG, the predecessor of Bayer AG (now Lanxess Deutschland GmbH), who has succeeded in producing high-quality iron oxides by the aniline method.
1929The second generation: after the death of the founder, Karl Anton Rudolf Scholz, his sons Dr. Rudolf Scholz and Harold Scholz take over the company. The US market is successfully developed.
1955SCHOLZ imports natural iron oxides from Persia and India. They are ground in Lohr.
1973Licence agreement for Supax®, a coloured joint filler from Australia. About 80,000 tons have been sold in 35 years.
1975Harold and Rudolf Scholz are the third generation to take over the management and all company shares.
1979Acquisition of Chemische Fabrik Mohr for the production of carbon black preparations, which is the present location in Southern Germany.
1982Acquisition of Zimmer & Kuenkamp in Recklinghausen, the present headquarters of Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH.
1982Introduction of „Lascolle®“ iron oxide slurry.
1989Takeover of company F.H.C. Bramsche, manufacturer of pigment preparations.
1991Foundation of Scholz Benelux B.V. as sales company for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
1996Foundation of Scholz Maroc S.A. and the establishment of a carbon black production in Casablanca.
1999Foundation of Scholz Switzerland as sales company for the distribution of colour pigments in Switzerland.
2000Exclusive distribution agreement for Bayferrox® with Bayer AG (now Lanxess Deutschland GmbH).
2004Bayer AG spins off the pigment sector among others, now belonging to Lanxess Deutschland GmbH.
2006A spray dryer for the production of granules is built in Partenstein.
2007Relocation of the head office from Cologne to the production site in Recklinghausen after 104 years.
2008Disposal of the segment „building materials“ (Supax, Exzellent, tile adhesives) to MC Bauchemie in Bottrop.
2010The fourth generation, Gregor and Dennis Scholz, joins the company.
2010Acquisition of the liquid black business of Breamhurst UK.
2013Completion of the new production halls for manufacturing slurry, carbon black and powder pigments in Recklinghausen.
2015The fourth generation, Gregor and Dennis Scholz, enters the management.
2015Establishment of the Foundation „Rudolf-Scholz-Stiftung – Menschenhilfe farbenfroh“
2015Mr. Rudolf Scholz resigns on 30th June 2015 from the management board
2015Acquisition of the business „Rethmeier-liquid-colours“ in Germany
2019Acquisition and intergration of the Fertagra GmbH, Retailer of Titanium dioxide produced by Precheza
2020Takeover of the pigment trading business of the company Henseler