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Liquid Titanium Dioxide Pigment Preparations

As of 01 October 2021, according to the European CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (incorporating GHS), titanium dioxide in powder form has to be classified and labelled as a hazardous substance, because it is suspected of causing cancer when inhaled (GHS hazard statement code H351i).

However, you can improve the safety of your employees by using a liquid pigment preparation, since this avoids the formation of dust, thus its inhalation.

Pursuant to the CLP Regulation (GHS), furthermore, packaging will have to be completely emptied, i.e. waste containing titanium dioxide dusts, will have to be disposed separately, where required.

Therefore, Scholz offers liquid pigment preparations which can be delivered in returnable containers or tank trucks. The processing of titanium dioxide in liquid form consequently eliminates the risk of inhalation and thus the classification as a hazardous substance and the labelling obligation accordingly as well as the above mentioned waste disposal problem.

For many applications Scholz is already offering perfect solutions with a titanium dioxide content of up to 74 %. These liquid pigment preparations are either produced on the basis of titanium dioxide, using the sulphate or chloride process, or a mixture of titanium dioxide and fillers. In combination with our dosing systems and our customer-oriented application support, these products will be a successful colour system for your special application!

If a standard product will not solve your specific problem, customized solutions or job order productions are possible.

The advantages of using liquid titanium dioxide pigment preparations are obvious:

- Avoiding the risk of inhalation to protect the employees
- Exact dust-free dosing, depending on your needs, with the support of Scholz dosing systems
- Saving more time in your production process by perfectly dispersed pigments
- Avoiding any unnecessary packaging waste

You can download our compact flyer here.

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