DIN EN 71 – Safety of toys

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Since middle of 2013 new requirements apply for the range of application of the DIN EN 71, which is explicitly restricted to toys and parts of toys. These requirements can hardly be transmitted to raw materials. And the responsibility for complying with the limit values for his products is with the manufacturer and seller of the finished product.

Our aim is to offer a certain quantity of adequate raw material to you. Therefore we have developed, on the basis of suppliers’ information, solvent-free pigment preparations Euronyl® EN and Euronox® EN, in order to fulfil the requirements of the DIN EN 71-3, cat. I (chrome and organozinn connections excluded) and the DIN EN 71-9 (tab. 2A-2I).

Possible colors and a detailed comment you will find in our new color shade card, which you find here as pdf document.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions regarding Euronyl® EN and Euronox® EN. You can reach Mr. Herr Gerhard Nemecek, Sales Manager for pigment preparation, under phone number 02361/9888 880 or by email gerhard.nemecek@harold-scholz.de.

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