Bismuth vanadate

Bismuth vanadates are pigments in the range of greenish shades which are generally characterized by an outstanding brilliance, high colour strength and high gloss as well as a good hiding power.

Compared to other yellow pigments, they are similar to lead chromates in colouristic aspects. Owing to these characteristics, bismuth vanadate enables the production of brilliant and lead-free colour shades for high-quality industrial coatings and automotive refinish paints. In order to obtain especially brilliant orange, red and green colour shades with a high hiding power, bismuth vanadates are mainly mixed with organic pigments.

As bismuth vanadates are also characterized by excellent properties in terms of light and weathering fastness, it is possible to use them for both indoor and outdoor applications. If a very high degree of white reduction is required (e.g. for the colouring of plasters) and/or in case of low concentrations, preliminary tests in the respective system of the customer should be carried out, where appropriate. For the colouring of plastics, we offer our temperature-stable types.