Standard Packing:

Powder Pigments:

  • paper bag and/or PE bag
  • big-bag

Liquid Colours/ -Preparations:

  • disposable skeleton box
  • returnable container (equipped with air lance): UFO, MTC

Special Packaging (in required quantities):

Powder Pigments:

  • water soluble PVA bags
  • low melt PE bags
  • small PE bags
  • can

Liquid Colours

  • PE drums
  • bottles


Technical Support

Research, development and regular quality control for all kinds of application of the pigments are made in our own laboratory as well as in co-operation with the Competence Centre of our main supplier LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Krefeld.

Special technical applications for the concrete industry: With our block press we are able to make concrete paving blocks as well as concrete slabs (hermetic process). For this purpose, we can either use standard materials or materials provided by the customer, such as aggregates or binders. The concrete blocks manufactured in this way correspond to the common standard of the concrete industry regarding all requirement in terms of concrete technology. We are able to develop concrete block shades, even multi-coloured concrete surfaces are possible (colour mix). As we use diagonal trays for filling the face concrete, two or more colours can be shown on the block surface for comparison. In this way, we can develop exact solutions to the colour shades requested or colour matching in cooperation with the customer.

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In addition there are long-term tests regarding stability of pigments at our weathering exposure units.

Our competences, moreover, comprise the preparation of special formulations and colour shades in the field of paint & varnish as well as the analysis and modification of specific physical properties, such as rheology.

In this way, we are able to adapt our products in close co-operation with the customers to their individual requirements and applications.

Problem solutions in partnership:

  1. Direct assistance for finding a solution to your problems.
  2. Further development of Scholz Colours by means of the results and conclusions obtained from the mutual tests.

Benefit from our present and steadily developed know-how, which a single concrete works might hardly reach!

Challenge us!


Dosing Systems

Liquid Dosing Systems

Scholz Slurry since 1982...

  • storage stability
  • fully dispersed Slurry guarantees full colour strength
  • certified and approved by an accredited German institute according to EN 12878 for reinforced and plain concrete
  • returnable container system
  • even to be used with frosty temperatures and to match with
Dosiertechnik 1

…custom-made Dosing Systems!

Planning and installation of our dosing systems are based on 20 years of experience and continuous development of the many installed dosing systems.

The construction of the dosing system as well as the used components and materials are aligned to the demands and properties of colour slurries.

Each dosing system will be adjusted to the individual requirements in your production plant.

  • dosing accuracy
  • number of colours and colour groups
  • number of mixers for top and coarse layer
  • minimum and maximum dosing amount
  • external and internal control
  • product variety
  • place availability

Dosing Systems for powder pigments

We are closely working together with leading manufacturers of dosing systems:

For special challenges, we developed the EXACDOS and GRAPADOS granule-metering system:


Ensuring the business success:

The logistics department of SCHOLZ has been ensuring the business success of our customers, partners and our own company for more than 110 years.

Quality assurance & schedule adherence

Quality in terms of logistics starts with the receipt of goods, an appropriate handling of products, the storage and transportation of the same ranging up to on-time delivery to the place of destination. It is continued by ongoing improvements of internal and external logistics processes. Skilled employees, who strongly identify with the company, provide for a professional implementation of the logistics goals.

This mainly focuses on the following:

  • Own specialised workforce in all fields of logistics
  • Continuing training of the warehouse staff and truck drivers
  • Computer-based support through an ERP system used in warehouse management and distribution
  • EDP interfaces (EDI) as a connection to suppliers and forwarders
  • Use of modern software tools for tracking the goods up to the customer, down to the individual batch
  • Using scanning systems, barcodes and other means of identification
  • All stock and transport movements are monitored and documented completely
  • Modern truck fleet equipped with Load compartment heaters for winter operation
  • Selection of external forwarders, who permanently qualify through the delivery process
  • Latest storage facilities to ensure appropriate storage and transportation of the goods

The portfolio of services:

  • Storing and handling of raw materials and finished products at various storage locations
  • Customer-related order picking
  • Management of external warehouses used to supply customers in Germany and abroad (EU)
  • Overseas export by sea and by air all over the world including customs and export clearance procedure
  • On-time delivery by own truck fleet as well as external, quality approved forwarders


Sales Department – with colour in mind

The satisfaction of our customers is the yardstick of everything we do!

Our sales department provides you with comprehensive service. We are your point of contact, from the initial consulting service, to a quotation submitted by our back office through to your order placement and handling the same by our order processing.

If you have a question about prices, availabilities or our range of products, we will always provide you with extensive and competent advice. We have the right colour shade for you in mind, no matter whether concrete, plastics, paints & varnish, or many other fields of application are concerned.

You have a special request in regard to the application and/or packaging? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a customized solution for your request.



You do not want to produce yourself?
We will do the production for you!

Beside our know-how and our longtime experience we also provide our machinery and logistics as a full service provider. Quick adaptation of process technology to diverse tasks enables us to offer among others the following:

  • Production of various slurries according to customer's recipe
  • Formulation: we have the equipment for the production of suspension concentrates and water dispersible powders
  • Production of various colours and preparations (water based)
  • Fine grinding (< 0,2µm) in diverse media (water, MEG, plasticiser like DIDP for example, or others)
  • Wet and dry mixtures
  • Packaging in various kinds of packing
  • On demand and order granulation for various kinds of application.


Our website only shows a part of our possibilities; please contact us and let us know about your task.

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