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Paints and varnishes

Paints, coatings, glazes, primers and coatings of all kinds (interior, exterior, wall or floor) almost always contain pigments as one of the key formulation components and represent one of our company's really important markets.

In particular, our focus is on the steadily growing market for water-based coatings. It is not only growing organically - as a more environmentally friendly alternative it is also replacing more and more the usage of solvent-based systems. With our sophisticated water-based pigment paste systems, we enable easy tinting of white or transparent base colours. An almost infinite number of colour shades can be easily mixed from around 20 basic colour shades and the respective base at the point of sale, but also within the scope of in plant tinting - the tinting directly in the manufacturing plant. The dispersion step can be omitted at this stage, and instead of millions of individual colours, ideally coordinated, lean modular systems consisting of base colour and pigment paste can be offered.

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