Gloss, colour and function for varnishes and glazes

In the manufacture of wood coatings and glazes, the main issues in connection with pigments or liquid pigment pastes are the reproducibility and durability of the colour result. Glazes are often finished with finely ground, transparent iron oxides. Of course, rheological properties, viscosity, coverage at low film thickness and high yield also play a role.

The micronized Bayferrox® and Colortherm® iron oxides and chromium oxides from Lanxess, titanium dioxides from Kronos and Pretiox TiO2 from Precheza are the benchmark raw materials in this respect. This also applies to the pigment preparations of the Euronox® and Euronyl® series that we produce ourselves. Here, each pigment is carefully dispersed and stabilized individually while maintaining good compatibility.

Quality assurance

Through development in our paint and coatings laboratory, as well as close specification and elaborate quality assurance, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with the required properties.

In coatings and glazes, too, the properties of pigments go beyond those of pure colouring. Inorganic pigments, in particular, are an essential part of the UV and weathering protection of binders through reflection and absorption of light waves. If necessary, even in the case of dark colour shades, increased reflection of IR radiation can reduce the surface temperature when exposed to sunlight.

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