Why iron oxides?

Iron oxides, such as Bayferrox®, lose only slightly in volume when oxygen is lost and moreover, have a positive effect on the flow on the surface of the sand grains.

Red iron oxides are usually used in proportions of 1-2% and have also proven effective in combination with other sand additives. Black iron oxide is somewhat coarser and can be used in proportions of 1-4%.

Bayferrox® Red 110, 120, 130 and 222, Bayferrox® Yellow 920 and Bayferrox® Black 318 are particularly suitable.

Furthermore, various carbon blacks can serve as insulating agents for melts and are used as fillers in refractory materials.

Many products are also available in liquid form and granulated form, specially adapted to the requirements of the foundry industry. You are welcome to request these from us.