The role of pigments in industrial coatings

Pigments in the form of powders or pigment pastes simply may not be absent in liquid or powder industrial coatings. The particles finely dispersed in the industrial coating systems primarily provide colour, opacity, gloss and appearance, of course. Whether signal colours for hazardous areas or simply a "corporate colour" for the recognition value of one's own brand - there are many reasons for coloured machine surfaces.

In addition, they sometimes confer improved corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance or protect against damage caused by short-wave UV radiation.

Protection against weathering

Did you know that iron oxide and titanium dioxide pigments are excellent UV absorbers and therefore protect very well against weathering by ultraviolet light waves? Organic pigment preparations such as our Euronyl® portfolio provide bright, vibrant colours, while inorganic pigment dispersions such as our Euronox® portfolio provide high opacity and the protective functions already mentioned.

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