Our services for our customers

Technical/Application Consulting:

  • Application support in the field of concrete technology
  • Advice on the handling of pigments for incorporation into cement- and lime-bound building materials


New development of formulations based on specific customer materials in our laboratories in Partenstein and Recklinghausen

Customised product adaptations

Based on our many years of experience and the qualifications of our teams, we have been able to successfully implement value-added optimizations to products for many customers in the past. We would like to continue offering you this in the future.

Customer training

We would be pleased to share with you our know-how on selected topics in the field of application technology for building materials or pigment technology and concrete technology.

Special application technology for the concrete industry:

Concrete paving stones as well as concrete slabs (hermetic process) can be produced on our stone press. Standard or customer materials such as aggregates or binders can be used for this purpose. The concrete blocks produced in this way meet the standards of the concrete industry with regard to all concrete technology requirements. Among other things, concrete block colours can be developed, and multi-coloured concrete surfaces can also be produced (Colourmix). By using diagonal plates when filling the facing concretes, two or more colours can be represented and compared in one stone surface. In this way, exact solutions for colour shade requests or colour adjustments can be developed in cooperation with the customer.

Furthermore, long-term tests are made regarding the durability of pigments on our weathering racks.

In addition, the development of special formulations and colour shades for the paint & coatings sector is just as much part of our expertise as the investigation and modification of specific physical properties, such as rheology.

This allows us to work closely with customers to tailor our products to their individual needs and applications.

Problem solving in partnership:

  1. Direct help in solving your problems.
  2. Further development of Scholz colours with the findings of the joint tests.

Benefit from the acquired and constantly developing know-how, which a single concrete plant can hardly achieve!

Challenge us!