Asphalt colouring

Since the binder bitumen in asphalt is black in most cases - there are also transparent bitumen grades that differ greatly in price from standard bitumen - the classic appearance of asphalt roads is relatively dark. As safety-relevant aspects in road traffic are becoming increasingly important, city and road planners of municipalities are repeatedly considering the possibility of coloring asphalts in their planning concepts.

Due to the differentiability of roads, sidewalks and bike paths, color pigments are always very popular. A dull appearance can thus be avoided in urban development by specifically adapting the outer appearance of the pavement to the surroundings in an elegant way and ensuring a harmonious appearance.

For the colouring of bituminous products such as asphalt to be as successful as possible, the product should be well broken down. This is made possible by our pigments specially adapted to this application.

Low-dust compact pigments ensure durability

In addition to our powder pigments, we offer you alternative low-dust compact pigments, which have established themselves globally over the last decades as a reliable and durable product in the market.

We also offer our pigments for asphalt in sustainable polyethylene bags, which can simply be added to the hot asphalt to be processed. This does not affect the mechanical properties of the asphalt and reduces your potential packaging waste to a minimum.

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