Optimize with the right type

Scholz specializes in TiO2 and to make other pigments available in accordance with the application and process. As a first step, you will receive the perfect titanium dioxide type specifically selected for your application.

  • Do you need a type for indoor use or outdoor use?
  • What role does temperature play in your applications?
  • Should titanium dioxide be hydrophilic or perhaps better hydrophobic?
  • Is the currently used TiO2 Type the ideal one at all? So are you really looking for a 1:1 replacement, or can we try to achieve actual cost advantages through a better choice of raw materials?
  • What role do regulations play in your applications? Are we perhaps talking about food contact applications? Or maybe you make toys or cosmetics?
  • Is titanium dioxide powder even the right form of delivery for you?

No problem: We are happy to advise you!

The optimal form of delivery

The optimal form of delivery of titanium dioxide is often not powder. TiO2 Granules or liquid titanium dioxide dispersions can provide great benefits. A few points why it is worth considering other forms of delivery:

  • Granules are gravimetric, liquefied titanium dioxide can also be dosed and pumped volumetrically
  • You have significant time and energy savings due to dispersion steps that have already been carried out
  • Learn TiO2 In your production, the love that is needed to be perfectly exploited?
  • Let's also talk about the most tradable packaging for you and complete emptying of the rest
  • No annoying and difficult to clean color pigment dust, which is crucial for your industrial hygiene
  • Take advantage of our additive expertise and product safety advice!