Concrete paving stones and sidewalk slabs

The majority of concrete products are represented by paving stones and sidewalk slabs. These also include design pavers, functional pavers, but also curbstones. However, in addition to the named product groups, wall blocks, angle supports and many other concrete products also belong to the group of concrete products.

Since most of the listed construction products generally represent components in contact with the ground, it must be ensured that possible moisture transport from the soil is prevented as far as possible and possible efflorescence is kept as low as possible in order to ensure a durable and constant external appearance. These challenges are not always easy to solve and require in-depth concrete technology know-how and knowledge of efficient production processes. In addition to our quality products, our concrete technology expertise is one of many pillars that our customers are happy to draw on in this context, especially when it comes to meeting high product-specific requirements for paving stones or walkway slabs.

Roof tiles

An equally large proportion of concrete products are represented by roof tiles as a possible variant of roofing. When choosing roofing, the question often arises whether it is better to cover the roof with fired clay engobes or with roof tiles made of cementitious material.

Often, aspects such as durability and appearance are important decision criteria that lead many decision-makers to the roof tiles. Especially due to the possibility of colouring roof tiles, aesthetic requirements can be met more easily with roof tiles compared to roofing tiles.

Comprehensive range of liquid inks

We offer a wide range of liquid colours for colouring your concrete product group, from extravagant roof tiles to climate-neutral paving stones, which can show their advantages especially in fine, cementitious mixtures.

Due to the optimal digestion of the pigment in the prepared suspension, mixing times on the part of the roof tile manufacturers can be reduced to a minimum with the aim of increased throughputs in production and cost-optimized manufacturing.

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