TiO2: not retro - retroreflective

Pigments, especially the best covering and reflecting white pigment titanium dioxide, play an important role in the production of road marking paints. Often, retroreflective reflective beads made of glass or plastic are embedded in marking paints that are white anyway, i.e. contain TiO2 pigment. These beads are made of selected materials to ensure the highest performance. An essential ingredient is high purity titanium dioxide. Only the least possible amount of contamination in TiO2 does does not lead to undesirable discolouration in the hot glass manufacturing process, which in turn would lead to reduced reflectivity of the resulting glass beads due to absorption. Titanium dioxide in both the anatase and rutile modifications is ideally suited for this application.

Road marking also goes coloured

Even if the colour white is the most common in the context of road marking, blue, yellow, red, green and also other colours also play a role. Other colour pigments and, with the growing use of fast-drying, water-based systems coatings, our water-based paste systems pigment preparations are also increasingly being used to coat cycle paths, parking lots, short-stay parking zones and many other areas in road traffic and road marking.

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