The design variety of concrete surfaces is limitless with the right combination of premium product and know-how

Due to the extensive variety of colour shades, which can be achieved by inorganic and organic colour pigments as well as pigment mixtures, building projects with coloured architectural concrete are fully in line with the trend. There are virtually no limits to the visual appearance. Through the additional use of matrices, which are applied to the prepared formwork before the concrete is poured, it is possible to create not only the desired colour nuances but also any surface textures with an individual surface feel, the design scope of which is virtually limitless. All these construction possibilities expand the application spectrum of concrete many times over and give rise to hopes of ever more inspiring, new and unique projects in the future.

If you want to help shape these developments and are also looking for high-quality and durable colour pigments, or if you already have a precise colour idea for your next construction project, the company Scholz, with its 120 years of experience in the field of organic and inorganic colour pigments, is always available to advise you.

The complexity in planning the desired outcome also requires a greater level of expertise and experience.

scholz brings this expertise to the table and is always happy to provide support for projects of this kind, drawing on years of experience and a large number of successfully completed construction projects.  

In addition to the reliable supply of high-quality pigments, we also accompany our customers during their construction project. Instead of just formulating the required pigment mixture in the chosen supply form to implement the desired color shade in the required material, we also offer appliation technology advice from our qualified technical team, consisting of concrete technologists and engineers for the concrete application field, which requires a high level of know-how and experience of building materials. For this purpose, we have modern laboratories with technical equipment at our disposal, where the combination of academic knowledge and years of practical experience always leads to an optimal and satisfactory customer result.

To be noted: For steel reinforcement you need special pigments according to EN 12878 Cat. B. Please ask us in advance for the suitable types.

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