Powder: pigments for rich colors

You can buy pigments from us in all imaginable shades: Whether ultramarine for bright blue, iron oxide for yellowish, reddish and natural, dark shades of brown or permanent black coloring, chrome oxide for green color results, carbon black for rich black or titanium dioxide for brilliant white — our colorants achieve high-quality results for every desired shade. Pigments can often do even more than simply add color to your products! Titanium dioxide, for example, not only ensures flawlessly white house facades, but thanks to photocatalytic activity, it can even prevent unsightly green formation (e.g. due to algae) and thus enable a kind of “self-cleaning effect.”

Pigment in powder form

As experts in pigments, we pay attention to the compatibility of the added agents and regulatory requirements in order to achieve the best color results in the end product. When coloring, we also ensure tight color tolerances with our ready-to-use pigments. Pigment powders as raw materials are the starting point for our comprehensively integrated pigment business. Scholz has been trading in pigments of all types for over 120 years and has iron oxides and chromium oxide green pigments from our long-standing business partner, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, which are marketed under the brand names Bayferrox® and Colortherm®, and are well known as benchmark products in all customer industries. In addition, we offer titanium dioxide white pigments from the manufacturers KRONOS® and Precheza a.s. for all types of applications. In addition to white pigments, we also offer carbon black soot pigments for intensive black coloring from all manufacturing processes, post-treated to a greater or lesser extent and with a particle size distribution that is perfectly suited to the application. Explain your application to us and we will work together to find the most suitable pigment tailored to your needs. In addition to the already mentioned farm pigments, mixed phase pigments, ultramarine blue, nut stain and many more round off our range of products. Should a shade not match, our pigment powder mixtures or perhaps a liquid variant that we have added and pre-dispersed perfectly for your application from our Euronox® paste series, which is specially manufactured from inorganic pigments, or Euronyl® paste series made from organic pigments, may be the solution for you.

More than just buying pigments — we prepare your colorants!

Pigments are initially available in dry form as a powder and are further processed accordingly, depending on the application objective. However, depending on the pigment itself and the intended use, other forms of delivery — such as liquid, pasty or granulate — may also be appropriate. They all offer different benefits. We are therefore happy to advise you, as all our pigments are available in any delivery form and in normal quantities. Anyone who previously bought powder pigments and worked them into the target medium by hand now benefits from our Pigment preparations or our liquid colors/ Slurrys, because they not only prevent unnecessary dust formation, but also save time when incorporating pigments, as they offer the advantage that the powder and color pigments (in this prepared form) are already completely pre-dispersed in the liquid.

Color comes into play with color pigments

Whether dry, as a powder or granulate, liquid or as a paste — we will find the right colorant for your intended use during consultation! Because customers can not only buy high-quality paints and pigments from scholz, but also receive expert support in planning and implementing individual color requirements. Contact us when buying high-quality pigments and ready-to-use mixtures and bring color into play!