Black iron oxide pigments

We are increasingly asked, in particular, by the food packaging industry, about alternatives to carbon black for black colouring. For us, the answer is clear: black iron oxide pigments. They are the obvious price-performance winner and, at a marginally higher dosage, can provide sufficiently good and dark black colouration in plastics, for example, without any carbon blacks. One problem, however, can be metal detectors, which perform their valuable task particularly in food packaging and can also detect magnetic iron oxides. However, there are ways to suppress and reduce these properties best possible and to adjust the detectors accordingly.

Shielding effect

However, iron oxides can also be incorporated particularly well into a wide variety of materials to produce an excellent shielding effect against electromagnetic fields and interference. Magnetites are an interesting material with a high shielding effect for shielding low-frequency magnetic fields, both in building materials and in polymeric cable and film materials. Complex incorporation of mesh or coextrusion of shielding materials can thus be avoided for some applications.

Another very simple application for the material: magnetic paint. Here, too, the eleborate incorporation of fabrics can be omitted if the pigmentation is sufficiently high - users benefit from excellent and simple processability and excellent magnetic adhesion.

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