Weather resistance

A special aspect in the production of visually appealing precast concrete parts is the outstanding surface quality of the concrete parts due to the possibility to produce independent of weather conditions. It is generally known that extremely low temperatures, as well as higher temperatures, lead to difficulties in concrete production. The moisture content of the ambient air of the concrete component can also have an influence on the subsequent appearance of the concrete surface. This effect is particularly noticeable in colored concrete projects.

For this reason, the precast construction method is in demand, especially for concrete components with high demands on the outer appearance. As soon as it comes to colored concrete components, the precast construction method is the measure of all things. This shows the enormous difference to the conventional in-situ concrete construction method, which is subject to various influences, e.g. those of the weather. These often lead to deviating and unwanted results for the end customer.

DIN certified

In addition to concrete technology experience and the ability to optimize formulations, the application technology team also has the necessary know-how in the field of precast technology and knows the relevant interfaces to ensure excellent surface results for precast concrete elements. With our certified pigment types, which correspond to categories A and B according to DIN EN 12878, we have been able to offer our customers regularly externally monitored and certified premium pigments for decades, also for steel-reinforced concrete and for concretes with all other types of reinforcement. Together with our business partners, we can look back with satisfaction on a large number of successfully completed, standard-compliant projects.

To be noted: For steel reinforcement you need special pigments according to EN 12878 Cat. B. Please ask us in advance for the suitable types.

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