Liquid colour simplifies your colouring process

In order to keep the effort on the construction site low when choosing coloured in-situ concrete, scholz offers, in addition to powder pigments and pigment granules, above all also predispersed liquid colours as a process-accelerating pigment solution.

The upstream pre-dispersion and preservation of the pigment as part of our production of your liquid colour, allows the user on site to mix his coloured concrete at an individually selected time without the aspect of complete dispersion, shelf life or storage requiring a complex planning step.

Thus, the additional colour component in your concrete mix, which would increase the concreting effort in the first step, is very easy to integrate into your process on the construction site, since already the addition water for the fresh concrete with the prepared, digested liquid colour can be added in a very uncomplicated way.

To be noted: For steel reinforcement you need special pigments according to EN 12878 Cat. B. Please ask us in advance for the suitable types.

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