Complexity meets application technology

High-performance superplasticizers from the chemical admixture segment are often used for cementitious flowing screeds. These are usually based on polycarboxylate ethers (PCE), which, due to their structure, keep the cement particles present in a mixture at a distance from each other by means of steric action.

In addition to superplasticizers, other additives such as setting accelerators and air entrainment reducers are usually added, adding complexity to the cementitious system.

Especially with cementitious products of the flooring segment, which are often favored to be dark-coloured with black iron oxide pigments, unwanted effects such as irregular cloud formation or lightening phenomena on screed surfaces occur time and again. This is due to the interparticle effect of cement, iron oxide particles and PCE and can be minimized by specific technical application measures, such as formulation optimization.

The constantly growing team of application technology for building materials at Scholz has the competence and the necessary laboratory equipment to recommend solutions for optimization in case of unplanned deviations in the results of the flooring application with pigments and to support the goal of an appealing colour result.  

To be noted: For steel reinforcement you need special pigments according to EN 12878 Cat. B. Please ask us in advance for the suitable types.

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