company management

A good team

At scholz, we practice teamwork. This applies to all Scholzians and also to our management trio. Since 2015, they have been managing the fortunes of Scholz together and have perfectly divided their areas of responsibility.

Gregor Scholz

Managing Partner

"We move with the times and yet remain true to ourselves and our values. Scholz is a traditional company that always retains its curiosity for further development and progress."

Growing up among his father's customer files and controlling documents, Gregor Scholz became acquainted with the world of commerce at an early age. After studying economics in Cologne, he joined the scholz company in 2010 and is dedicated to the purchase and sale of pigments.

Dennis Scholz

Managing Partner

"Pigments and pigment preparations are our world. We are successful because our company and our employees move with the times and our eyes and ears are always open."

For Dennis Scholz, it was obvious at an early stage that he would also like to continue the family business. He has specialised in the development of future-oriented business strategies, in which he works closely with our customers. Through these business relationships based on partnership, we ensure a long-term and trusting cooperation.

Heinrich Stöcker

Managing Director

"Scholz is simply special. Our Scholzianer all have their hearts in the right place, are open to opportunities and change, and are on an exciting path with us toward the future."

For more than 20 years, Heinrich Stöcker has been responsible for all commercial affairs of the company. An important part of his work is creating a positive corporate culture in which all employees feel comfortable and encouraged. We attach great importance to ensuring that everyone involved can contribute their strengths and develop further.