In addition to the chromium oxide grades from Lanxess, which are sold under the brand name Colortherm® Green, Scholz has other grades in its range.

  • Colortherm® Green GN
  • Colortherm® Green GN-M
  • Colortherm® Green GX
  • Colortherm® Green GN-Z
  • Bayoxide® C GN-B
  • Bayoxide® C GN-R
  • Bayoxide® C GN-M
  • Chrome oxide green G 2023
  • Chrome oxide green GN G BB

Chrome oxide green is used in many applications due to its chemical and technical properties:

  • For colouring concrete, plasters, paving stones, floor coverings, asphalt, etc.
  • As a colouring pigment in paints and coatings, plastics
  • As a corrosion inhibitor in clinkers, mortars, ramming and gunning mixes to increase stability and as a wetting agent for coatings
  • As polishing and abrasive
  • As a raw material for the production of refractory bricks

Product properties and delivery forms of chromium oxide green pigments

The synthetically produced chromium oxide green pigments of the Colortherm® range from our partner LANXESS and the chromium oxide green pigments from Harold Scholz are available in four different delivery forms as powder, granules, slurry or liquid pigment preparation.

Bayoxide® products for technical applications

High-quality chromium oxide products from the Bayoxide® range of our partner LANXESS have been providing significant benefits to our customers in the field of technical applications for several decades, whether in the manufacture of brake linings or in the refractory sector and other areas of application. For various technical applications, the products of the Bayoxide® range offer immense added value.