If one wants to additionally color 3D-printed concrete, this requires corresponding expertise for pigments in the interface to concrete technology. Short conveying paths with high demands on the dispersibility of a pigment preparation for optimal incorporation into the cementitious medium make both the pigment expert and the concrete technologist indispensable at this point. But the right product is also of crucial importance here.

Since the use of pigments in concrete 3D printing is associated with an enormous cleaning effort, it is worthwhile to rely on our liquid colours, which are added at the spray head together with the admixture. This minimises the cleaning effort to a minimum of the otherwise usual effort.

In addition, our liquid solutions for concrete 3D printing offer an optimised formulation for unique performance, tailored for this specific application.

Let us convince you of our high-performance liquid paints and join us in conquering what is currently probably the most innovative field of application in the construction world - we can and will gladly support you in this as well and look forward to future projects with you, whether as a know-how carrier, as a supplier of liquid solutions or as an experienced technical partner who continuously develops its own know-how on the pulse of time through successful projects and grows with technical challenges.

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