For each type of synthetic resin there is also an ideal form of colouring with pigments

Scholz primarily supplies manufacturers who specialize in the production of pigment preparations suitable for the respective resin class, with mainly inorganic pigments.These pigment pastes can be polyol-based, bisphenol-containing or contain vegetable oils such as castor oil, hydrocarbon resins, plasticizers, polyaspartic acid esters, polyamines or even polymers such as vinyl polymers as a chemical base. This achieves a good suitability for excerpts e.g.

  • Ester- or ether-based polyurethane systems
  • Epoxy resin systems
  • Saturated and unsaturated polyester resins
  • Formaldehyde-based aminoplast (UF + MF resins) and phenolic resins (PF resins)
  • Silicone resins

Euronyl® and Euronox®

However, water-soluble synthetic resins, plastics and binders such as certain acrylates, styrene acrylates, vinyl acetates or its copoylmers with ethylene and some of the resins mentioned above can be colored particularly well with the water-based pigment pastes of the Euronyl® and Euronox® series from scholz and used, for example, as coatings for textiles or in paper coating.

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