The role of pigment and pigment dispersions

No matter how the many possible different types of coatings and paints around the building are differentiated. Whether one differentiates emulsion paints from mineral coatings such as lime paints or from silicate paints. Whether one speaks of solvent-based or water-based paints or varnishes or simply differentiates between interior paints and facade paints for exterior use. Or whether one separates glaze paints from opaque wood paints. Whether one wants to coat walls, floors, metal, wood or plastic. Whether to protect against corrosion, weathering, greying of wood or yellowing and chalking caused by UV radiation and, more recently, heat with appropriate SRI and brightness reference value.

Our wide range of coloured pigments, white pigments and our pigment paste portfolio from the Euronox® and Euronyl® series, takes into account everything that is important for the colouring of all these end products and thus fits perfectly into the systems of renowned paint and coatings manufacturers. From about 20 well-selected pigment dispersions made from both inorganic and organic pigments, hundreds of thousands of shades can be formulated to meet all requirements, both in the building and specialty markets via POS tinting machines and inplant tinting. Those who prefer to produce their own pigment preparations can rely on the high-quality raw materials of the most renowned Western manufacturers of the Scholz company for over 120 years.

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