What needs to be considered when pigmenting rubber

It is very important - also with regard to the use of pigments for coloring rubber - to know those chemical influencing factors that weaken this elastomer. These include, for example, manganese or copper. Both metals had better not even be present in traces. Under no circumstances should migration or bleeding of pigments occur on the finished product, which is why the dosage level, depending on the type of pigment used, should also be considered more closely. Possible vulcanization temperatures, but also application temperatures, must also be taken into account with regard to the color consistency of the pigments under thermal stress.

UV resistance

Last but not least, the pigments used in outdoor applications exposed to light and weather should of course also be UV and weather resistant. From our pigment portfolio, titanium dioxide, carbon blacks and iron oxides in particular have proven to be ideal for colouring and as UV absorber materials also for increasing the weathering resistance of rubber products.

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