Masterbatch - enabler of pigments in plastics

Why masterbatch and pigments go hand in hand is obvious. The core task of masterbatches is to make pigments easier to process for plastics processors. This is achieved in particular through the combined knowledge of several disciplines. Manufacturers of masterbatches know everything there is to know about carrier materials, pigments, colorimetry, additives, plastic types, end applications and thermoplastic manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing form of pigment masterbatch is similar to that of thermoplastic resin granules. These are therefore much easier to process than pigment powders for manufacturers of injection moulded parts, films, plastic packaging, extrudates such as sheets or pipes and similar plastic products. They are free-flowing, pumpable, dust-free to process and easy to dose. By choosing the right plastic carrier material, no negative effects are to be expected with regard to compatibility with the plastic to be coloured.


Fast color changes, little cleaning effort, color expertise centered at the masterbatch manufacturer, advantages that we are happy to support as a pigment supplier. We provide information on heat stability and weathering stability of the respective pigments, supply prefabricated powder mixtures, and know very well from our cooperation with the industry about the advantages of the narrowest particle size distributions. Only micronized Bayferrox® pigments should really be allowed to call themselves micronized when compared with other pigments advertised as micronized. Test the dispersibility, reproducibility of color results, throughput or filter life and you will see what we mean.

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